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Wine Cellar made with Oak

Wine Cellar made with Oak

White American Oak Wine Cellar
Essex, England

This wine cellar design brief also included the need for discreet storage of guns and ammunition, a room for entertaining and serving food and a ‘secret’ storage space for prized wines, all with bespoke cabinets. The area was already divided into various shaped rooms and alcoves, so the challenge was to successfully maintain a usable space that effortlessly flowed into each other while making each room appropriate in climate and ambience.

Features: Utilising an area designated to store ice, we removed all concrete dividers present on the stone plinth and levelled the floors, adding a waterproof membrane and sump pump, before tiling. Pipework was insulated and covered. Bespoke cabinets and LED lighting were installed. A bespoke sliding door made of scallop wine racking became the ‘secret’ door into the prized collection room. Other finishing touches included silver temperature barometers and wall mounted bottle opener.

27th November 2014