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Sorrells Custom Wine Cellars are expert in designing, manufacturing and installing wine storage.

Wine cellars don’t have to be below-ground; they can be anything from a spare room to a converted garage or custom built space.

Whether you’re a serious wine connoisseur or simply a wine lover we’ll provide you with a design which will transform your space into a fully functional luxury wine cellar.

Initial Enquiry

Talk to us about your ‘wish list’ and ideas for your proposed wine cellar or if you have architects plans, we can then guide and help with all the different options to achieve your ideal solution.

Site Survey

Before embarking on a wine cellar project, we look to visit your home or site to discuss in more detail the ideas and concepts to help you understand what can be achieved and to meet your aspirations.

Design and 3D visuals

We use the latest cad cam systems combined with our experience to develop a design and render pictures of your proposed wine cellar to help give you a clear picture of the finished area.

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Wine Cellar Conditioning

To ensure the temperature and humidity is set correctly for your wine collection, and it is stored in the perfect environment, our systems are tailored to your wine cellar using the Wine Guardian or our bespoke climate control technology. Designed to fit within the fabric of your construction, our systems use either air-cooling or water-cooling combined with heating and humidity options.

Wine Cellar Monitoring

As wine lovers we know that wine can be vulnerable to temperature and humidity. Storing your wine in the right environment is essential for protecting quality. Our new wine monitoring system is a failsafe way to keep you up to date, wherever you are, on the condition of the wine cellar.

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Basement Waterproofing

Structural waterproofing below ground is a highly specialised operation and must be undertaken by contractors with the requisite levels of skill, understanding and experience. A.P. Gooch are specialists in their field and work with our clients to create the ideal solution.

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LED and Mirror Acrylic

To further enhance the look and feel of your wine cellar or room, our racking can be fitted with subtle track lighting systems or alternatively, for a ‘display’ look, we can install LED spot lights.

We can also give your wine display a dramatic effect that also adds depth to the space. This is achieved with mirror acylics, available in silver and gold options, which are fitted to the walls or backs of the wine racking.

Cabinetry and Doors

We manufacture different types of glass, solid panel cabinets and small joinery works that combine and enhance your wine room.

Our doors are tailored to your requirements in any shape or form and built in our workshops. The wood and glass doors are 54mm thick with argon sealed units to ensure the integrity of the area is maintained.


As an integral part of our works we can manufacture all framework for windows and glass divisions from our raw materials in order to maintain a consistent quality of the timber used within your wine room.


Utilising a wide range of materials and designs, both for private and commercial clients, we construct the best quality counters and bars In our workshop and deliver and fit on site.

Tasting Tables

These unique designs are used inside or outside the wine room and we can construct a range of styles to compliment your wine storage systems.

Installation and Finishing

Our own dedicated fitting teams do not work for anyone but us. They are craftsmen and take pride in their work, always striving for perfection and maintaining the attention to detail we expect of them throughout the whole process.

Wine Insurance

James Hallam Insurance Brokers act for a wide range of high net worth individuals and have been arranging insurance for over 30 years. The past 10 years have seen significant growth in specialist insurance cover for wine collections and bespoke wine rooms and cellars. When introduced to new clients it is not uncommon to find wine inadequately insured or not insured at all and property insurance not updated to account for a newly installed wine room. James Hallam are well placed to advise on this niche area of insurance and have access to a panel of leading insurers who understand and can arrange appropriate cover as part of a wider home and contents insurance policy. Wine is treated as a fine art asset class, by the majority of insurers, and as such needs wider and more appropriate cover than normal home contents insurance.

Cover for wine under the fine art section of an insurance policy can include:

  • Agreed value for specified bottles following an insured loss
  • Extended replacement cover for specified bottles to protect against under insurance where a professional valuation has been carried out within 3 years of the date of loss
  • Newly acquired bottles can be covered automatically allowing time to advise your insurer
  • Worldwide cover for all risks including fire, theft, accidental breakage and flood leading to damage of wine labels and any subsequent deprecation in value
  • Defective title cover for bottles purchased through professional dealers

Tim Lewis, Director of Sorrells Custom Wine Cellars comments further  “We strive to work with the right partners to further enhance our clients’ wine journey. Part of this is to ensure their wine collection is correctly protected and our partnership with James Hallam gives our clients the specialist advice they need”.

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