Redwood finished in Dark Oak Wine Cellar, Covent Garden London

Redwood, finished in Dark Oak

10 Cases, Covent Garden London

An under-utilised space in the basement of this popular bistro and wine merchant meant Sorrells could totally reinvent the space for better use, both commercially and aesthetically. By removing old conditioning units, ceilings and floors it allowed the area to be purposed planned for easy stock taking and fluid movement of stock. This new practical, substantial and easy to negotiate wine cellar is now also the focal point to a bespoke private dining room. It can be viewed through the floor to ceiling glass wall and diners experience a unique backdrop of wine cellar activity.

Up to 4000 bottles

Bespoke made, floor to ceiling, glass wall. Combination of standard, scallops and case racks for different size bottles plus display areas with bottles set on acrylic supports. Spot light and selected LED lighting throughout. Integrated temperature control system of wall mounted air conditioning and hidden water-cooled condensing unit.