American White Oak Wine Cellar, Essex

White American oak
Acrylic rod inserts
European oak doors and frame


The clients wanted a wine room for the new extension on their house that would enable them to develop their wine collection. Socialising at home is also a love of theirs, so a tasting table was incorporated into the design. The couple have since found the room provides an additional benefit: it’s also a space for relaxation.

For this cellar we designed a new kind of drawer, using acrylic fronts, which allows a view into the drawer to easily identify the wine inside. The acrylic gives a lovely contrast to the wood and makes the drawers an eye-catching feature within the cellar. The drawers are grooved on the inside to hold the bottles in place. Acrylic rods fitted into the glass side panels also enhance further the wine’s display.

A conditioning unit with bespoke casing for a seamless fit ensures the room is maintained at the optimum temperature. Additionally, the inclusion of a unique wine monitoring system allows the conditions to be checked at any time remotely. An extra benefit with this system is that it records the cellar’s temperature, which is useful for resale or insurance purposes.

Up to 1163 bottles

4.3m wide x 0.5m deep x 2.3m high

Bespoke integral acrylic rods with display lighting. Combination of regular and large format bottles. Soft close display at the back for burgundy bottles, mixed with soft case racking. A high-level, built-in section houses the temperature control system unit.  The doors and glass panels are designed to ensure minimal heat and air loss from the room using the latest insulated glass and sealed units.