Walnut Wine Cellar
, Cambridge, England

Black Walnut

Cambridge, England


The brief was to turn an underused study and library into a wine cellar. This would allow the client to develop their passion for wine and also provide optimum storage conditions at home.

The room was reinsulated, the window sealed in, a new ceramic tiled floor was laid and the walls were redecorated. A sensor was installed to control lighting for the displays; switches control the standard racking and task lighting.

Up to 1017 bottles

3.3m x 3.2m x 2.4m high

Bespoke, black walnut, hardwood entrance doors with the frame painted white on one side to match the hallway doors and furniture. Black walnut wine racking and acrylic bottle display system. Bespoke integral acrylic rods with display lighting. 24-bottle case racks with solid display scallops on opposite walls provide a large display area for the bottles. Bespoke whiskey/spirit cabinet. A high-level, built-in section houses the temperature control system unit. All wood twice-oiled with a specialist oil to give a rich, dark look